Life Wheels: A coaching service aiming at a smooth balance between: Spiritual Awareness, Perception and Connectedness - Mental Abilities and Power of Intention - Physical Fitness and Health - Skills in Playing the Games of Life. Provided by the Mental Training Workgroup, Austria.

Life Wheels!

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The Role of Balance in Personal Development


Having a strong focus is a good thing, as long as we also stay aware of the big picture. Take a moment to consider the following main areas of personal development:

  • Spiritual Awareness, Perception and Connectedness

  • Mental Abilities and Power of Intention

  • Physical Fitness and Health

  • Skills in Playing the Games of Life

While most of us have a preference for, or focus on one or two of these areas, they really develop best when a good balance is kept. Think of not only two, but four legs that have to walk at the same pace, so that we don't start to limp. Ideally all of them are progressing in tune with each other.


Losing sight of any one of these areas is a potential risk - we start to stumble and fall quite literally! You have certainly seen many unlucky people to whom this was happening in some form or other: The sports champion whose character has degraded into a hostile monster; the scientist who is an intellectual giant but has lost all connection to the divine principle and to other people; the gifted artist whose home is sheer chaos; the spiritual adept who forgets to take care of his body...



The simple rule in all such situations is this:    That which you neglect will bite you from behind!



Your chance in this moment is that by finding this website, you are now connected to a team of people who can assist you in developing those areas of your life that have bitten you in the past, or are biting you at the moment, or may start to bite you tomorrow - and most importantly, establish a healthy balance between them.


Click here to see the diagram of "cogwheels" that must be running in smooth interaction for your life to really flourish.


Who Needs Life Wheel Coaching?


We recommend life wheel coaching to all people who have an especially strong focus, either by their work or by some kind of personal calling. With our service we help you to take a step back and detect areas where trouble may be building up slowly and unnoticed, while you haven been concentrating on your main area of interest.

  • Spiritual Adepts, Artists, Athletes, Scientists, Experts in Many Professions: with "Life Wheel Coaching" you can make sure that your physical health and fitness, your relationship, your children and many other important aspects of your life don't slip out of your awareness horizon just because you were giving your best in your main occupation.


  • All Coaches and Teachers of Special Skills: "Life Wheel Coaching" gives you the perceptions to recognize when your student or trainee is developing a health problem, is sliding into a mental crisis, or has lost his spiritual orientation - all these aspects need to develop along with your special training to make for a balanced personality.


  • Medical Doctors, Mental Trainers and Spiritual Teachers: "Life Wheel Coaching" covers an area that is of extreme importance for all three of you: the area where medical symptoms, mental trouble or spiritual disorientation look so similar that one can be mistaken for another - the all-important  Area of Overlapping . If you are in any way aware of not having the full picture of the similarities between mental/spiritual trouble and certain medical symptoms, please get in touch with us as soon as possible!


Allow Yourself an Upgrade!


Why not allow yourself an upgrade, be it in professional or private matters? You have certainly earned it. Contact us at, and we work out the approach that is best tailored to your present time situation.


Our spiritual, mental and physical "wheels" are all interlocking. Does it count whether you stumble in life because you ignored the negative energy in past traumatic experiences, because you didn't get skilled enough in playing life's games, or because at the very time where your projects really start to flourish your body breaks down due to long neglected physical health?


A stop is a stop, no matter which specific wheel is doing the blocking. The thing to do is to find that wheel, do what is necessary to unblock it, and to get going again. This is best done before any life wheel starts screeching seriously. It is best done right now!






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