Have a closer look at the spiritual, mental and physical "wheels" that have to work together smoothly for us to really thrive! The Interacting Wheels of Human Existence



"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)






 Diagram of Life Wheels


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 The Life-Spirit Interface  - Fragmentation and Polarization of Spirit and Energy Body as a result of many lifetimes. Down-Vector ("Dwindling Spiral") and Up-Vector (Evolution)

Processes: PEAT, Identity Clearing

 Spirit, the root of all existence (and your divine parent).  Out of Spirit sprouts the individual spiritual being - YOU. How the spiritual being plans an incarnation before birth by defining the life lessons s/he wants to work on, and negotiates contracts with future co-players.

Processes: Life Between Lives (LbL) Regression, Life Lesson Processing.

 The Spirit-Mind Interface - the energy body and its sub-divisions, called "Identities". Energetic links with "morphic fields" (group mind, cultural mind).

Processes: Energy Work, Aura Healing, Identity Clearing, Morphic Field Processing.

 Life Skills, the individual software applications ("apps") that we run in our inner computer so we can interact with other people and generally live life. Professional skills and life management skills.

They are the outcome of education and training. Depending on your upbringing, they can be anything between very good and very bad. Here is a great potential for learning, personal growth, and last but not least a process of cultural evolution.

Processes: Education, Training, Debugging and/or Re-launching Derailed Life Areas, Completion of [Delayed] Human Standard Lessons.

SPIRIT, the root of all existence (and your divine parent). Click to read more about Spirit and the Spirit-Mind-Interface. THE MIND, the "operating system" that runs a spiritual being's interaction with the body. Click here to read more about the Mind and the Mind-Body Interface. THE BODY, the hardware that is operated by you, the spiritual being, through your operating system, the mind. Click here to read more about the Body and the Body-Life Interface.  LIFE SKILLS, the individual programs that we run in our mind's computer in order to interact with other people and generally live life. Click here to read more about Life Skills and the Life-Spirit Interface. The interacting wheels of life. Click on any wheel to read more about it, and how we can help if it is blocking your progress.

 The Mind - a collection of thought patterns and memory databases, all optimized to manage a human life in the best possible way. The "operating system" that runs a human being's interaction with the body, and through the body his interactions with other people and the physical universe. The mind has two risk factors: potentially bad programming by our culture, and its "overload database" that collects and stores alarm signals  - sometimes too many.

Processes: Ability Coaching, covering Communication, Problems, Harmful Acts and Secrets, Upsets, Domination.

 The Body-Skills Interface  - The physical side of life skill training, the "finger exercises" that are hardwired into the cerebellum. Physical component of habits. Physical component of addictions.

Processes: Locating and debugging any incomplete or bogged training processes. Practicing the physical aspects of any newly learned skill. Un-learning the motion patterns of any addictions.

 The Physical Body , the hardware that is operated by you, the spiritual being, through your operating system, the mind. Input and output devices combined with a structure to act through motion, plus a sophisticated fuel (food) processing unit and a no less sophisticated reproduction system. The spirit's "biochemical translation unit". Biochemical component of addictions.

Processes: [Alternative] Medicine, Medical Drug Withdrawal, Anti-Aging Protocols, Fitness Training, Outdoor Activities, Body Communication Processing.

 The Mind-Body Interface  - Impact of the mind on the body, after-effects of trauma and physical/emotional abuse, other psychosomatic problems. Impact of processing on body energy system and hormone balance. Mental component of addictions.

Processes: Trauma Clearing, Addiction Processing, EFT, Grounding Exercises, Serotonin Boosting Activities.


Rule of thumb:    That which you neglect will bite you from behind!


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