This page tells you more about the interacting wheels of your life; more about our coaching principles; how we can help when one or several

of your life's wheels are blocking; some book recommendations and web links; and what you learned before you forgot it when you were born...





Have a closer look at the spiritual, mental and physical "wheels" that have to work together smoothly for us to really thrive! The Interacting Wheels of Human Existence


This page tells you more about the interacting wheels of your life; more about our coaching principles; how we can help when one or several of your life's wheels are blocking; some book recommendations and web links; and what you learned before you forgot it when you were born...


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)



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 Before You Were Born


So you are standing there in the non-physical plane, a spirit without a body (but very much alive), eager to become a human being, so very longing for a chance to leave your personal mark in that wild, exciting, colorful playing ground, the physical universe.

Oh, what a world! Oh, the thousands of adventures waiting for you!



Other than your future brothers and sisters, you have not done it before. Will you make a mistake? Many mistakes? Anxiously you ask your guardian angel: "How does it all work?" He explains it to you, not in words but in a fascinating 3-dimensional moving picture - but when you wake up in your new baby body, you have forgotten it all, because part of your human experience is to find out for yourself how it all works.


Just in case you have run into trouble and need some re-orientation, here is a little reminder of what you learned before you forgot it as you were born. We certainly cannot compete with an angel's heavenly holographic projection, but here it is in a nutshell:



A resident of Heaven in her lofty realm...

little does she know about Earth's struggles!


 What the Angel Said


"My dear child", said the angel, "you will now write your very personal screenplay for the movie you are going to play on Earth. You will make contracts with the important other actors in your movie... Then you will slip into a suit made from flesh that is called a human body. It will allow you to see, hear and feel objects and people on the physical plane. It will also allow you to talk and to act on the physical plane. With your body as a solid anchor, you can be perceived by other Earth dwellers and interact with them. You can form bonds and alliances; you can have a family; you can have adventurous battles; you can discover the world of nature, jungles, glaciers, mountains, the sea; you can learn to be a scientist who helps to enhance Earth life, or an artist who adds to its beauty - and you can experience an especially wondrous thing which is called love, the one thing that even angels are envious about."


"To make all this work, you need to keep in mind two facts: all the other actors in the movie are people just like you - spiritual beings who are having a human experience. Like you, they will forget all about the spiritual world and their screenplay writing before birth, so be prepared to some really ironic situations, where people believe that they are a body, or that they live only once!"


"The second fact: That tailormade suit that you will wear, called a human body, is not you! It is a biological machine that has been designed to act as an interface and translation unit between you and the physical world. At some times it may feel more real to you than the fluctuating system of subtle energy clouds that contains your feelings and urges, or the invisible point of deep silence that is your real self - but it is still just a machine and one day it will be worn out. This will be the end of your upcoming movie on Earth. You will want to pay precise attention to the maintenance of your body, so that it serves you well and doesn't cause trouble that distracts you from your Earth endeavours. It also has its own aliveness, like a horse that accepts you as its rider - so it will be grateful for your care, maybe even a little affection..." The angel hesitated, so strange he found the idea of wearing such a clumsy and complicated suit that placed so many restrictions on its owner - temperature, air, sophisticated fuel and many other factors that had to be exactly right for it to work well -, but then he continued:


"Everything else you need to know about Earth life depends very much on the time and location into which you are born. So you will have to learn that from Earth guides who have already studied this particular time and location for a while and have learned to navigate in it. You will find several of them assigned to you for your first years on Earth. The most important ones are called parents, the others are teachers. Trust them, but don't trust them too much, because during their time on Earth they may have picked up some unfortunate ideas that don't resonate with your personal truth. Take this from me: Your own personal truth is always senior to the advice of your Earth guides, so never betray your personal truth!"


"And now I wish you a wonderful time on Earth. Make your dreams come true - in these dreams you remember the screenplay that you have written before you were born! I will be at your side. You will probably not see me. But you can always ask me a question. If you just formulate your question and broadcast it like a radio, and then become very quiet and listen patiently (switch to "receive"), you will be able to hear my answer deeply inside." With these words, smiling and waving, the angel's image faded away into the darkness of the non-physical world. From now on he would remain invisible.





 What the Angel Forgot to Mention



Bulldozed into the ground by the ruthless...

one of the less happy Earth adventures.


Well... your angel lives in Heaven (the modern spirituality movement calls it the Astral Planes), so you cannot really blame him for not warning you about the more difficult aspects of Earth life - hunger, disease, violence, greed, corruption, teenage kids, mothers-in-law, governments, taxes...!


Hopefully you have found guides who know Earth life a little better than the naive residents of Heaven. If you were lucky, you have been raised and educated by such experienced Earth travellers and they have given you a good start.


If you were less lucky, if your early years were full of disappointments and errors, if your parents, teachers, doctors and priests did not have the quality training needed to provide you with good leadership, if they were misled by a culture that follows invalid ideas, or if important elements of human life were not taught in the schools you attended, there is always a second chance. You are now grown up, you can take your personal evolution into your own hands, become your own teacher, and ask for advice where you feel that you need it.




 Bringing Heaven to Earth


Another secret that the angel forgot to mention: Heaven is where you create it! (So is Hell... just look around and you will see many hellish places that Earth people have chosen to create...) You don't have to wait for your death to experience Heaven. Produce an abundance of loving bliss for all the people in your life, and you have brought Heaven to Earth!


 Bad Screenplays


One more secret that the angel may not have told you: You can always return a bad screenplay if you don't agree with it for any reason.


You find your life's movie disgusting, cruel, boring, tasteless, badly written? Just stop playing the role you have been playing up to this moment. Step down from the stage. Refuse to deliver your text - don't say or do the things you feel tempted to say or do. Sit down somewhere away from your stage - in a park, on a garden bench, on some step in a staircase -, and ask for a conference with your screenplay writing department (the non-physical people who provide the so-called "coincidences" in your life).


It is not true that you can plan your life only prior to birth. You do not need to die to have a fresh start. Screenplay writing happens outside the timestream! So, just ask for a better screenplay being presented to you. Submit your own draft - write down your visions and dreams, ask for them to happen in real life. Try it - it works!


Now we show you again the "Wheels of Life" and how they are interacting. All of these wheels need to run smoothly together for you to really thrive. We will tell you here how we can help when one or several of your life wheels are blocking. We have also provided you with some recommendations for books and websites for each of them, to complete or to upgrade your education in these things - some of them are very new, and not all schools have discovered their importance. If you have any questions, please ask us (or other people you trust)!




 Diagram of Life Wheels


Click on a wheel to read more about it...

 The Life-Spirit Interface

 Spirit, the root of all existence (and your divine parent).  Out of Spirit sprouts the individual spiritual being, the person who experiences and acts, with or without a body - YOU.

 The Spirit-Mind Interface 

 Life Skills, the individual software applications ("apps") that we run in our inner computer so we can interact with other people and generally live life.

They are the outcome of education and training. Depending on your upbringing, they can be anything between very good and very bad.

Here is a great potential for learning, personal growth, and last but not least a process of cultural evolution.

SPIRIT, the root of all existence (and your divine parent). Click to read more about Spirit and the Spirit-Mind-Interface. THE MIND, the "operating system" that runs a spiritual being's interaction with the body. Click here to read more about the Mind and the Mind-Body Interface. THE BODY, the hardware that is operated by you, the spiritual being, through your operating system, the mind. Click here to read more about the Body and the Body-Life Interface.  LIFE SKILLS, the individual programs that we run in our mind's computer in order to interact with other people and generally live life. Click here to read more about Life Skills and the Life-Spirit Interface. The interacting wheels of life. Click on any wheel to read more about it, and how we can help if it is blocking your progress.

 The Mind - a collection of thought patterns and memory databases, all optimized to manage a human life in the best possible way. The "operating system" that runs a human being's interaction with the body, and through the body his interactions with other people and the physical universe.

The mind has two risk factors: potentially bad programming by our culture, and its "overload database" that collects and stores alarm signals  - sometimes too many.

 The Body-Skills Interface

 The Physical Body , the hardware that is operated by you, the spiritual being, through your operating system, the mind. Input and output devices combined with a structure to act through motion, plus a sophisticated fuel (food) processing unit and a no less sophisticated reproduction system.

 The Mind-Body Interface


 How Life Wheels Can Block...

... and how we can help.


From here on you find one short chapter on each of your life's wheels and the interfaces between them. We will describe some of the typical ways they can block your life's smooth pace, and how we can support you in unblocking them.


Also we will give you some study recommendations for each of these areas. These websites and books are the ones we are using ourselves in the work with our clients. There is no need for you to wait for anyone to educate you - become your own teacher! With the advent of the internet, a whole world of knowledge is just a mouse click away!


 Book Recommendations

For your convenience, we have added Amazon links to our book recommendations, so that you can order the books in which you are interested in the least complicated way.  These links go to the  Amazon Headquarter  in the US. If you are located in Europe, postage and mailing times are probably better if you order from the UK. On our Links EU page we have therefore listed all books a second time together with the matching links to Amazon UK.


Where there is a german translation, we have also added links to the german version hosted by Amazon DE. If you want to see which of our recommended books have been translated to German, please use our Links DE page. (Our coach Heidrun Beer has been born in Austria, that's why we can manage German. If you want these books presented in another language, please send us the translated link page - we will then publish the corresponding links to the Amazon websites in France, Japan, China, Italy or Spain.)


, Amazon France, Amazon Italy, and Amazon Spain - add spanish links to american page!


 Life Wheels in Detail




The spiritual version of Leonardo's "Vitruvian Man"



Here is where it all starts: a spiritual being longing for experiences in the physical universe. Is he just bored? Maybe, but curiosity and creativity may be more at the heart of his wish to play with suns and planets, or incarnate by animating a biological life form. A sub-set of these life forms would be sentient beings (in contrast to less aware life forms like plants, insects or other animals), and a sub-set of sentient beings would be human beings, the life form you have currently chosen. 


The main difficulty that arises for a spiritual being who has incarnated into a life form is that the plan he has made for this incarnation is going out of control. Starting out as his movie's all-powerful mastermind, he deteriorates to becoming the effect of more and more outside factors - lack of food or water, health tragedies, natural disasters, wars, cultural repression, personal enemies...


What was supposed to be a joyous adventure often turns into a nightmare. And because the spiritual being has forgotten all about his life planning prior to birth, he is no longer aware that he was the author of his screenplay and he can re-write it at any time. So the nightmare turns into a trap from which he sees no way out. Ultimately he escapes the trap by death, but he leaves so many unsolved problems behind that he feels he must incarnate again to do it better this time. His next incarnation is no longer playful, it is already troubled at the beginning, and continues to get worse. And this keeps going on and on, and on and on.



The karmic "Wheel of Rebirth" carved in stone by a Buddhist artist


 Escaping the "Wheel of Rebirth"


This fatal loop (which has been described by Eastern religions as the karmic "Wheel of Rebirth") can be interrupted by moments where a troubled human being suddenly wakes up and becomes aware of his existence as an immortal spirit who is totally in charge of his eons long existence - who no longer compulsively incarnates, but can choose and plan his incarnations according to his personal interests and wishes, or work for the greatest good even though he has already transcended human existence.


Going out of body at will can be trained today - you don't have to wait for a near death experience (NDE)! The opposite of this exteriorization process happens at birth, when we merge with a physical body to become a human being.


This awakening can happen spontaneously by a surprise ascension experience, maybe as a result of meditation; it sometimes happens when people are catapulted out of their body during a Near Death Experience (NDE); and in personal sessions (Ability Processing, Trauma Clearing or Character Clearing) we have seen these moments many times.


But if you want to have the marvellous experience of leaving your body for a few minutes, it is no longer a necessity to have a scary accident or come close to death during a heart attack or an operation. During such events the "Out of Body Experience" (OBE) happens unplanned, but OBE's can also be trained,  and are then completely safe. They are the most convincing thing you can do to prove to yourself that you are a spiritual being, not a body - a certainty that may have faded after so many years in the body, in a culture for whom these things are still very unreal.



Our ability coach Heidrun Beer presents articles and links about the subject of life planning prior to birth on her website about Life Lesson Processing 

 Books and Web Links about the Spiritual Aspects of Life Planning:


While the truth about our spiritual nature has long been the domain of religion, mainly from the Eastern hemisphere, science is finally catching up to it too. In the last years, many extremely fascinating books have been published. If you like reading, we recommend the website, a site written by our coach Heidrun Beer, where she is linking to a large number of books and websites that explain the subject in great depth.  


The following books are of central relevance to the idea of life planning prior to birth, the relations between the spiritual and the physical world, and the influence of a spiritual being's intention on events in the physical world. Deepak Chopra's book is of special interest: he discusses the most recent theories of quantum physics in a spiritual context. So does Richard Bartlett, who has the additional advantages of a very special clairvoyant talent and a wonderfully grim humor.


Finally the day has come where ancient religion and modern science are meeting, and we learn in scientific terms how  mental imagery and the power of intention shape physical reality!


Michael Newton: Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives
Robert Schwartz: Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born
Brian Weiss: Messages from the Masters
Deepak Chopra: The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence
Richard Bartlett: Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation


 Books and Web Links about OBE's and OBE Training:


Here are some book and web links to the works of the prominent OBE trainers William Buhlman and Robert Bruce, and of course to the institute founded by the "Father of OBE's", Robert Monroe (now deceased, after visiting the non-physical world many times during the OBE's that he describes in his three captivating books).


Also we link to a book of the "Father of NDE's", Raymond Moody, the first author who made headlines with his collection of case histories collected from people who had survived physical death, and told him about their experiences in the afterlife - better called the non-physical world, as we exist there not only after death, but all the time where we are not incarnated.


The books listed here are only examples. All of these authors have published more books with very exciting material!


Raymond A. Moody: Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon - Survival of Bodily Death
Robert Monroe: Far Journeys (his second OBE book, mindboggling!!)
William Buhlman: The Secret of the Soul: Using Out-of-Body Experiences to Understand Our True Nature
Robert Bruce: Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences (Website of Robert Bruce) (Website of William Buhlman)




 The Spirit-Mind Interface


Aura photography ís a new diagnostic system, where areas of trouble can be seen long before they manifest in the physical body.


A spirit takes on not only a physical body when he incarnates. He also grows various layers of energy that have been called the "subtle bodies" or the "aura" by ancient religions, or the "energy body" in modern language. These energy layers connect the spirit with his body on the physical side, and with the spiritual world on the other side. Emotions and feelings are located in one of these layers. One holds thoughts. Other layers have to do with the structure and function of the physical body, and with the person's integration into the bigger picture of global events and cosmic planning - the so-called "divine will".


Ideally this combination makes for a lucid spiritual being in a healthy physical body. After a series of incarnations, however, many residues of negative energy can have accumulated from the roles (we call them "characters") that the person has played. Especially roles where he has lost in a game will form such residues. Also the layers that form the bond to the spiritual world can have withered so that they are no longer working, or are blocked by destructive thoughts or actions.


These energies residues do not always dissolve at the end of an incarnation (at physical death). They can travel with the spirit through the times and keep accumulating, getting more and more solid. If we had the necessary perceptions, we would see that the energy body is riddled with dark clouds, has tears or is otherwise disfigured, or that its energy centers are working in a less than optimum way. All this can lead not only to a less than happy person, it can also have an impact on the physical body and lead to health problems that have no apparent physical cause.



 Character Clearing


There exists a perfect method to dissolve the eons old energy residues with their embedded negative decisions that have formed in thousands of battles and fights, and in a multitude of other conflicts. At their core is the opposition by others - opposing people with opposing goals and the resulting activities. We call this method  Character Clearing  (the word "character" is used in its definition as a role or figure in a movie or theatre play).



In the boxing ring, as fierce as it may look, the fight is a just a game. When it is over, the two champions can slip out of their roles as opponents and go out for a beer together. In life on the other hand, we often totally lock jaws with an oppenent - a competitor in business, a political enemy, a neighbour, our mother-in-law, sometimes even our own spouse.

Over time, a general attitude of combat readiness develops that is a handicap for friendly human relations. But other, less aggressive personality traits are also carved into our energy field by playing a certain role over and over. Non-viable emotions like fear, grief or apathy become chronic, decisions made in defeat situations become life rules. This turns us into puppets of our past - we are no longer able to fully and lovingly be present with the people in our life.  



In Character Clearing, one by one, the roles that we have played over time are completely cleaned of any negative energy and non-viable or destructive decisions. The same is done with the roles of our opponents. This results in a wonderfully transparent personal space, a peaceful mindset that is no longer susceptible to struggles and personal fights, an ever growing understanding of other people's viewpoints, and a great new aliveness.


Character Clearing is done in personal sessions. Give us a call or send us an e-mail if you want to talk about Character Clearing!


 Energy Body Book Recommendations:


The absolute energy body ("Aura") pioneer is Barbara Ann Brennan, a clairvoyant lady who can perceive people's energy body with extra-sensory perception. She has built a whole School of Healing on her science. Even though it is so highly spiritual, it is recognized as a university in the USA, with additional centers in Europe and Japan. A later but no less ingenious author is Robert Bruce, a prominent OBE ("Out of Body") trainer.


Here are essential books about the energy body that are (or will be) classics in the area. More in the corresponding chapter on


Barbara Ann Brennan:

Hands of Light

Barbara Ann Brennan:

Light Emerging

Robert Bruce:

Energy Work




 The Mind


The mind is our human computer's operating system. It manages our plan making, plan implementation and problem solving routines and personal preferences. Also it operates huge memory databases that are  partially based on the physical brain (although some memories go back to previous lifetimes as well). The mind connects the user (the spiritual being) with the "software applications" (life skills) that are using the hardware (the physical body) as an input and output device, or in other words: to gather perceptions and to talk and interact with others. Only when all these components work smoothly together, will the computer do something useful for its owner - YOU!


You have certainly seen any number of computers that crashed because the operating system was acting up. Computer trouble can come from all components, but the operating system is the one component that coordinates all the others. It takes commands from the user  (the spiritual being - YOU), and delivers the results of immensely complicated internal computations back to him... in other words, it is of central importance. The user is of course even more important, but without a mind there would be little he could do to play any significant role in an Earth movie.



  The Overload Protection Mechanism


One thing: our mind's databases can be tricky. They are learning, and sometimes they learn the wrong things. There is an overload protection mechanism in the mind which stores all situations of overload (pain, shock, overwhelm) in a special database, so that any similar situation can be avoided in the future. Our mind believes that any car accident, drowning in a lake, being punched in the face or any other of a million dreadful experiences can be avoided in the future, if we simply don't go near anything anymore that looks, smells, sounds or feels in any way similar.


This is a feature inherited from our animal ancestors ages ago. Watch a young cat trying to play with a bee - pow! Once stung, she never again goes near anything that buzzes or crawls like a bee or looks similar to it! With this elegant feature, our mind keeps a lot of our attention in the past, with the result that it is missing in present time. What's worse: these events are kept out of sight in our memory by our over-protective mind, because they have been so very "too much". We don't even know about them anymore, and have no chance to sort them out!


Here is a map of surroundings with warning signs. On the internet such pictures are typically updated every ten minutes to reflect the traffic conditions in present time. Other warning signs of non-permanent things!







Below you see how the same roadmap looks if it is never updated. All the warning signs of the past are still active. Our mind does exactly that as a service - to protect us from the same danger in the future. But the situation right now is totally different from the situation yesterday, last week or seven past lives ago when predators were still around! Conclusion: we have to clean up our mind's databases if we want to navigate properly in present time.   More signs, less regular pattern, more crowded!












It seems to be obvious that if these databases are not updated from time to time, a lot of material accumulates in them that makes us avoid more or less everything, because our "overload database" has collected far too many warning signs about the dangers of living. Most of them are no longer relevant, but they still warn us with strong feelings of panic and other negative emotions. Have a look at the chapter on  Trauma Clearing  to read more about this.



 Who Programmed Your Mind? 


There is another great liability about the human mind, which is that like any other operating system (no, we will not name any here, although we feel tempted!), it is only as good as its programmers have designed it. A child's mind is a clean slate. If it is being programmed by Earth guides (= parents and teachers) who after some lifetimes full of errors and losses are in bad shape, or who have bought into the principles of an insane culture, our young child will end up with a mind suffering from serious malfunction.


We address this situation - which can differ very much from one client to the next - with a package of methods that we call  Ability Processing . This container of procedures is very rich of sophisticated tools, too many to list them one by one, but here are the areas that we are addressing, aside from traumatic experiences (which have their own approach described in the   Trauma Clearing  chapter).



 Ability Processing:


In a nutshell, these are the difficulties in the mind, the operating system in our inner computer (see explanations above), that we address with Ability Processing:

  • Inability to talk about certain subjects or to certain people comm course!

  • Chronic problems that make life difficult

  • Guilt feelings coming from a history of harmful acts and exhausting efforts to hide them

  • A tendency to have upsets with people - spouse, children, colleagues at work etc.

  • A compulsion to be right or to dominate others (or trouble with other such people)

You can see that these are not specific skills like cooking, heart surgery or piano playing (these are covered by our  Life Skill Coaching ), but general abilities essential for a person's wellbeing and his human relations. They either have to be  troubleshooted (difficulties handled), or developed from scratch, if they have not been "installed" before.


We blame nobody for their flaws - parents who teach their children unfortunate behaviour patterns, or fail to teach them something essential, have gone through the same conditioning process a generation earlier. It could be interesting to see how this originally started, but what is really important is that the chain of contagion is interrupted, and the next generation has a fresh start with a clean slate. In our opinion, it would be the responsibility of any parent to polish these basic abilities in themselves, so that their children or future children have the best of chances in life.


Other non-optimum situations in the mind are addressed with  Character Clearing  - see our chapter on that -, with the Fixation Processing  that we describe in our chapter about the  Life-Spirit  interface, or with other tools that we have not specifically mentioned. Give us a call or send us an e-mail if you need help in one of these areas!





 The Mind-Body Interface


The times where health problems were seen as a purely mechanical/chemical situation are definitely over. Medical science has learned that a patient's emotional condition and non-physical elements like stress can have a great influence on body health, and that serious diseases like stomach ulcers and even cancer can be triggered by a person's mind. This category of diseases is called  Psychosomatic Illnesses , which means that the body is made ill by things happening in the psyche.


The corresponding therapy is called psychotherapy. Traditional psychotherapy, however, is only partially successful because in many cases it does not go far enough back - into previous lifetimes, where the roots of present time problems can be found in massive traumatic experiences that involved physical injury or a violent death, or other forms of shock and overwhelm from which the person never recovered. Such incidents go back in "chains" of similar events, and if the first incident on the chain is not found, the problem can be alleviated but will not completely dissolve.


Another very important issue in the interface between mind and body is  Brain Health . A deteriorating brain can cause symptoms that look like mental or character issues - sometimes they also overlap with actual mental issues. For any practitioner who is working with the mind it is essential that s/he can differentiate between physical (brain) and mental (mind) causes of any non-optimum condition. Read more in our paragraph about  The Mind-Brain Connection.


 Trauma Clearing:


The negative effects of traumatic incidents like car accidents, injuries, war experiences, assaults or rape are manifold. Nightmares, horrible flashbacks of shock moments, phobias, compulsions, but also chronic emotions like intense grief or fear, or murderous and uncontrollable rage - and the list continues. All these things can be resolved completely with Trauma Clearing. We have developed this approach way beyond the regression procedures used by other practitioners,  by including essential elements from Character Clearing, without which regression methods are incomplete.


Trauma Clearing is done in personal sessions. Give us a call or send us an e-mail if you want to talk about Trauma Clearing!


 Book Recommendations:


There is a career story which is so amazing that it is worth looking into it: the story of Dr. Brian Weiss, who was head of psychiatry in a big hospital before he ran into a patient whose case he could not solve with any of the traditional psychiatric methods, until he took her back into a past life where he found - and dissolved - the root of her extreme mental disorder.


This experience led to a profound change in his ideas about psychosomatic illness. He evolved from a traditional psychotherapist into a figurehead of past-life regression therapy, from that into a herald of spirituality, and has since turned into a bestselling book author who is doing workshops in the whole world.


Our other book recommendations also have to do with past lives and reincarnation more than with psychosomatic illness, since the existence of psychosomatic illness as such is no longer disputed by mainstream medicine - only a workable approach to resolve it has not yet arrived in the medical universities. 


Brian Weiss:

Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives

Brian Weiss:

Only Love Is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited

Edgar Cayce:

Reincarnation & Karma

Thorwald Dethlefsen:

Voices from Other Lives: Reincarnation As a Source of Healing


 IMPORTANT: The Mind-Brain Connection


The proverbial "boiling frog": thrown into really hot water, he would jump out immediately; but put into lukewarm water that gets slowly heated up, he misses the point of jumping out and is boiled to death.

Actual frogs have proven this metaphor to be fantasy, but a similar thing happens a lot in health matters, especially where the brain, the cognitive organ, is involved: the loss of function happens so slowly that we don't really notice it before it is really late.


A deteriorating brain can cause symptoms that look like mental or emotional issues: confusion, aggression, fears, depressive feelings, lack of energy, inability to implement a plan or simply manage daily life - along with the better known symptoms like loss of memory or orientation. There are more possible causes for this brain deterioration than the best known cause, old age - it can also be caused by liver malfunction, toxic heavy metals and other medical problems.


We are trained to recognize these symptoms. If we believe that we see them in you, we will not waste your time and money with clearing sessions or coaching, we will recommend that you see a doctor and have a thorough health test. As soon as your doctor has given you the test results and his recommendations for treatment, we will go through them  with you in a  Health Consulting  session, where we have a look at possible alternative solutions (many medical doctors are not really up-to-date with the latest research). Especially one approach, EDTA Chelation Therapy, can improve circulation related brain problems dramatically - read more about it in our chapter about Body Health.


As soon as all necessary physical treatment activities are well underway, we can support you with personal sessions to alleviate the stress and emotional pain that goes along with such a serious health situation.   




 Book Recommendations:


Sandra Cabot:

Alzheimer's - How to Protect the Brain

Matt Traverso:

The Alzheimer's Reversing Breakthrough  (E-Book)

Daniel Amen:

Healing the Hardware of the Soul: Enhance Your Brain to Improve Your Work, Love, and Spiritual Life - have a look at Dr. Amen's other brilliant brain books as well!

Dr. Morton Walker et. al.:

The Chelation Answer: How to Prevent Hardening of the Arteries & Rejuvenate Your Cardiovascular System.






 The Physical Body


If our complete existence in the physical universe were a computer system, then the body would be the hardware, the mind would be the operating system, life skills would be the applications that are running in the computer, and the spiritual being would be the computer's user. We as coaches could be compared with operating system trainers and software troubleshooters.


The hardware system, our body, is a whole microcosm of interacting sub-systems. Like in the larger picture of our life's wheels, all of them have to interact smoothly to make for a healthy body. Nutrition, digestion, fitness, sleep, sexuality, medical care and environment are the main factors that have to be integrated for a body to be in good shape.  


Ideally we as software people would not work with the hardware. Actually we would happily leave the work with our clients' physical body to the medical profession - if we had not seen such a lot of shocking evidence where the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry sabotaged the process of incorporating important pieces of medical pioneer work into standard medical practice.


We will not go into details about this, but as a consequence we have made it a routine to study the newest medical materials available in books and on the internet, especially in matters that are considered "incurable" or "hopeless" by mainstream medicine. It seems that alternative medicine has successful approaches even to fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes, lung emphysema (see book on H2O2), infections by drug resistant germs (that have devastated whole hospital wards!!) (see book on Colloidal Silver), and many other life-threatening conditions. The materials are on the web and available in bookstores.


 Circulation Problems and EDTA Chelation


We would like to especially emphasize one thing, because so many people are concerned by this situation, and the alternative approach is so incredibly much simpler and cheaper than the complicated, expensive and dangerous mainstream medicine approach. This is the multitude of symptoms caused by bad blood circulation: heart problems like angina pectoris or calcified heart valves, heart attacks, strokes,"smoker's legs", loss of sexual function, bad hearing, bad memory or even full blown dementia, and many other so-called "old age problems". In the civilized world (where there is abundant food and good hygiene) this is the leading cause of death, with a percentage of about 25%.


Blood vessels in normal and clogged-up condition - a result of our western main-stream diet. This condition is the leading cause of death in our culture - a death preceded by years of debilitating diseases.

Gangrenous foot, caused by clogged-up blood vessels. Price question: If feet suffer so badly from lack of oxygen and nutrients normally coming with the blood, then how will a heart react to it, or worse, how will a brain react to it?


All these things can be prevented, alleviated, or they disappear completely when the blood vessels are cleaned with a process that is called EDTA chelation therapy. EDTA is a cheap synthetic amino acid which is either infused directly into the bloodstream, or taken orally as drops. Mainstream medicine will instead prescribe expensive drugs with scary side effects in this situation, it will cut up your chest and remove the main blockages in the heart arteries with a bypass operation while the whole rest of the body - including the brain! - keeps suffering from lack of oxygen and nutrients due to clogged-up pipework, it will amputate legs that have no more blood circulation, and if the problem affects your brain they will put you into a wheelchair, spoon-feed you for 20 years of a vegetable existence and change your nappies, without ever doing anything to really help you.


We don't have the words to express how unbelievably ignorant and cruel we find this. EDTA Chelation therapy is well established in alternative medicine, in some countries entire clinics are dedicated to it, and there is absolutely no reason to withhold it from the school medicine patient, other than the profit that is made by expensive drugs and operations (which by the way wrecks the finances of most governmental health care systems). If you or anyone from your family are affected by such problems, please have a look at the extensive materials that are available on the net. We have found one product that we recommend as having the best price, combined with ample information - available on in America, or in Europe. You also can get it from us, if you are in Denmark or in the German speaking area.



 Heatlth Consulting:


We understand that the typical medical doctor is trapped in an extreme treadmill of exhausting work, and if he has time for advanced training at all, it has to be inside the framework of mainstream medicine. We also understand that alternative practitioners often have answers that go far beyond the scope of school medicine, and we want to acknowledge those medical doctors who have opened up to alternative medicine and extended their professional skills to embrace these additional methods.


But what we are most convinced of is that many people are going through completely unnecessary troubles, and we are determined to let them know about their additional choices. We are not trying to be doctors, we don't prescribe medication and certainly don't do any surgery, but we do show our clients the alternatives to mainstream treatment when they have a health complaint. 


Part of our health consulting has to do with the neighbouring area of Life Skill Coaching, where we look into dietary habits and nutrition among other things. Just because you were taught a style of cooking that has made many generations sick, there is absolutely no reason why you should end up in the same trap.



 Book and Website Recommendations:


The list of book recommendations we are giving here is far from being complete. Go to the internet and find more! We want to encourage you to not only be your own teacher, but also be your own doctor, whenever mainstream medicine is failing you. Just put a few key words into a search machine, and the solution could jump into your face! We have no doubt that sooner or later all these pioneer approaches will arrive in mainstream medical training, but this will need another decade, or two, or three - why wait for this if the knowledge is already available now?


People are basically good, but they have a tendency to defend their mistakes. Just have a look how long it took for the doctors to learn that they have to wash their hands after cutting up corpses. Ignaz Semmelweis, the first doctor to realize the connection between unwashed hands and childbed fever, was antagonized by his peers for decades. Yet, at present it is a routine action to have sterile hands when touching a wound or doing an operation. So, medicine is ultimately learning, but for God's sake, don't wait for them to learn tomorrow, if you are sick today!


One outstanding expert, a fully trained medical doctor with a strong focus on natural approaches, is Dr. Joseph Mercola. His website has a huge archive of excellent articles written by himself, and others that he is presenting in his archive with his comments. We recommend this website as a first address for all health questions.



Ty M. Bollinger:

Cancer: Step Outside the Box

Hulda Clark:

The Cure for All Cancers: Including over 100 Case Histories of Persons Cured


CANCER TUTOR - Natural Cancer Treatments for Advanced Cancer Patients


CANCER TRUTH - Cancer Does Not Have to Be a Death Sentence



Harold Brecher:

Forty Something Forever: A Consumer's Guide to Chelation Therapy and Other Heart Savers

DeWayne McCulley:

Death to Diabetes: The Six Stages of Type 2 Diabetes Control & Reversal

Warren Jefferson:

Colloidal Silver Today: The All Natural, Wide-Spectrum Germ Killer

William Campbell Douglass II:

Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle





 The Body-Skills Interface


There is one less well known, but important part of the brain, called the small brain or cerebellum. It is not involved in thinking or other cognitive processes - it stores motoric action patterns that are repeated over and over, as in walking, driving, bike riding or typing. In our model of the human being as a computer, the cerebellum would be the BIOS: the computer's most basic functions stored in a low level memory chip that does not require any database access or thinking processes.



When a child has learned to ride a bike, play the violin, or even much earlier when he has learned to walk without holding the hand of his mummy, or later in life when he has learned to drive a car, the pattern of many complex movements involved has been "hardwired" into the cerebellum. In other words, they can be called up and activated without wasting a single thought on them - they have become automatic. Most or all Life Skills have motion patterns that are stored in the cerebellum.


 Practice, Practice, Practice!


The expression "Practice, practice, practice!" comes from that. In sports, dancing, musical instruments it is obvious that practice is required to master the activity. But there are also less spectacular life skills that need their movements grooved into cerebellum storage. Household activities like sweeping, hammering, splitting wood certainly need practice before they work really well. Many professions need extensive practice of specialized motion patterns before a master emerges from his training years. And generations of wives have suffered from their husbands' missing lovemaking skills (an art that was never taught in schools until very recently), where routine movements of fingers and tongue are key elements that simply have to be practiced before they no longer require much thinking (to the novice they may seem strange, even monstrous?)



Typically these things are learned in childhood or the teenager years - everybody expects young people to learn. In later years, other life activities become more important, learning is no longer in the foreground, and it feels more and more awkward to learn something that hasn't been learned at "its time". There is a whole chapter on this on Heidrun Beer's Life Lesson Processing website, a chapter on Delayed Life Lessons. But she does not mention the cerebellum there. Not every delayed life lesson is a matter of past life trauma, forgotten negative decisions, dark clouds in the energy body, cultural oppression, or a person's life planning prior to birth. Some things simply have never been practiced - never been hardwired into the cerebellum, our inner computer's basic motoric action pattern chip!    


By the way... did you know that it is one of the most important factors in anti-aging approaches to keep learning new things? It was discovered only recently that the idea that an adult's brain can grow no new nerve cells was incorrect. The opposite is true: the more a brain is challenged, the more new nerve cells and neuron connections it can grow. New activities - sports - languages - strategy games like chess that require memory and planning - all these things are opportunities for the brain to remain active and stay young.



 Un-Learning Harmful Habits


A completely different situation exists where motoric action patterns have been stored in the cerebellum, but are harmful or have been learned not quite correctly, and there is a  necessity to un-learn them . Piano or voice teachers are in agony when a young student comes in with a wrongly trained finger positioning or breathing technique. Cerebellum storage plays also an important part in many unfortunate habits, and in addictions (read more about that in our Addictions chapter), the most common being the habit of smoking.


Yes, the motivation and intention to stay or become well is important, and it is important to find the roots of why a drug or a computer or gambling addiction came about in the first place - but it is just as important to "practice, practice, practice" new good motion patterns that will slowly "overwrite" the bad old ones in the cerebellum. These things cannot be hastened. They require time, persistence and patience, or in one word: discipline. Any practitioner who works with the mind needs to be aware of the importance of cerebellum re-writing if he wants to help a client get rid of an addiction.



 Start, Change, Stop




We repeat: it is NOT all in the mind. Routine habits like lighting a cigarette are carved in stone, or rather carved in flesh - the flesh of our small brain, the cerebellum. That's where they need to be deleted or overwritten, by frequent practice of a different, non-harmful motion pattern.

The secret of cerebellum re-writing lies in the "Start, Change, Stop" concept. At first it may look complicated, because our life consists of so many different motion patterns, but a basic simplicity becomes apparent if you see it this way: There are countless little "movies" stored in the cerebellum. Some of them are perfect the way they are. Some require optimizing - they need to be Changed. Some are harmful - they need to be Stopped. Some would be important but are missing - they need to be Started.


When you have decided that now is the time to start, change or stop any of your cerebellum movies, we will assist you in writing or re-writing the mini screenplay that is the backbone of any such routine, and finally we coach you through making it happen "on stage" - in real life.

Life examples - short, compelling!

If it is a new routine, we consult you in how to prepare the "stage" - create a space, write a schedule, find or buy the props. If it ties in with a Life Skill, we accompany you in finding the books and the coach necessary to understand and train the new skill.

necessary to really zoom in to a very small (ausschnitt) of life.

If on the other hand it is a movie that needs to be stopped (will no longer be played in the future), we work out together how to clean up the stage - sell or discard the utensils, redecorate any space that would remind you of it,  do a detox if the body has been affected, say good bye to any people whom you are not going to see anymore. If in any way possible, we develop a new glorious movie with you to replace the old one with something much better. This is of course no longer simple cerebellum re-training, it crosses right over into the are of the Spirit's creative life planning...


We can work with you on such things, but they are best coached by people who live with you and can react to what you are doing at home, in your familiar environment - so we would prefer to work with a family member instead and train him to become your day-to-day coach.




 Book Recommendations:


Norman Doidge:

The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science This heartwarming book is not specifically about the cerebellum, it tells some general stories about the brain's amazing ability to heal itself even in apparently hopeless situations, if family and doctors never give up. Beautiful!




 Life Skills and Training


What would life skills be? In one short sentence: all the skills that parents and schools taught you after you were born. These are the applications written by your culture and installed in your inner computer, so that you as the computer's user could manage all the tasks that life will require you to manage, once you have no more parents to take care of everything.


Reading and writing are two such skills.  Cooking, handling a bank account, making love to your spouse, changing your baby's nappies, splitting firewood, changing a lightbulb - some more. And then of course we have the specialized skills that you need to make a living in a certain profession: how to plough a field, how to milk a cow, how to drive a train, how to extinguish a fire, how to catch a criminal, how to build a skyscraper, how to fly a space shuttle, how to transplant a heart... you get the idea. Sounds simple, doesn't it?


Only on the surface, unfortunately. Because like in programming your mind with an operating system that matches your current culture, the programmers of your life's applications have not always been the best and most reliable, and probably left you with some less than optimum "apps". That is the bad news. The good news is that you have a reliable system of alarm signals to detect any and all flaws, and with sufficient energy and knowhow you can troubleshoot one application after the other.


This system is located in your energy body, the  Spirit-Mind Interface , more specifically in your emotional body (one of its layers). In slang words, we could call it the "I feel awful" system. Whenever you feel awful about some life skill, or have any other negative feeling about it, there is a good chance that it isn't working the way it should or could. Caused by that lack of performance, you have probably accumulated embarrassing or painful memories as well - so some clearing work will be required -, but at the heart of the situation is the unmastered skill, and only learning that skill will get you into safe waters in the future.



 Life Skill Coaching:


In our Life Skill Coaching, we follow the principle that every skill once learned has to be monitored from there on out. This is the first thing we will ask you to do: observe how your communication with others works, what is good about it, what is bad about it, what is missing. And the same for your money making activities, for your diet, your exercise plan, your health, and more of these routine tasks... you can find a complete list on Heidrun Beer's Life Lesson Processing website on the page about Human Standard Lessons.


Building on that, we will have a closer look at those skills where you say "I feel awful". Or "I feel uncertain". Or "I am confused", "I am unable to cope", "it doesn't work", anything like that. Or "My wife threatens to leave me", or "My boss is going to fire me". We also have a closer look at skills of which we know that in our culture there was a general lack of education. Here you may notice no alarm signal, because everybody else has the same lack of education and so it feels "normal". In our culture, at this time, that would be nutrition, health, lovemaking and spirituality - essential chapters of life where there was very little, wrong or no education, so that it is very likely that you need to catch up. Fortunately three of them are crawling out of the dark ages as we speak - only medicine is still too money motivated to inspect carefully all the work that is done by genius researchers, which is often too cheap and simple to be acceptable.


Next we will do some  Clearing Work  in personal sessions to take away the bad feelings, and then proceed to a thorough analysis of what needs to be done to optimize the activity.  We can do this even with highly specialized life skills, because it always follows the same pattern: What went wrong? What about it had you not fully studied or sufficiently practiced? What book, website or expert can teach it to you, or what drills do you need? (See also our chapter about the Body-Skills Interface, which explains more about the importance of practicing.)


We work with you to get the books and/or find the specialized coach - the dietician, the sex coach, the best of all farmers or firemen or train drivers, the master architect, the heart surgeon, the astronaut -, and keep monitoring your progress until you grin all over your face and are totally happy. After that we give you a little holiday. And then... we do NOT rest on our laurels. We look for the next bad feeling that you have about a life skill, and start working on that... 


Did we say "Become your own teacher"? Yes indeed! You don't really need us for this kind of work - but if you feel really discouraged or have ground to a halt, we can help you to get going. Once we have done it together with one life skill or two, you will probably have seen how easy and enjoyable it is, how rewarding, and will continue to work on your own.





 Book Recommendations:


Covering all potential life skills would be just as impossible as covering all software applications on the market. We are giving only some recommendations from areas that have not been well covered in school education until very recently.


Joseph Mercola:

The No-Grain Diet

Vonda Wright:

Fitness After 40: How to Stay Strong at Any Age

Margot Anand:

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers

Alan P. Brauer:

ESO: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm





 The Life-Spirit Interface


We cannot go into the details of  Quantum Theory  here, but this very modern scientific subject has come to the same conclusion that old Eastern religions have been teaching for thousands of years: the spiritual being in its original ideal condition is a point of perfect equilibrium, a unit of consciousness that is immensely aware, but has no wishes or plans whatsoever.


We can speculate whether it is boredom or curiosity, or boredom followed by curiosity, which causes him to first topple his perfect equilibrium and make some choices - a choice is always a "Yes!" to one option and at the same time a "No!" to its opposite.  "Tea, please!" as an answer to the question "Coffee or tea?" is a "Yes!" to tea and a "No!" to coffee - see?


The longer a spirit has been on his road through the eons, in human form or in other forms of existence, the more he prefers one position to its opposite. We call this  Polarization . And when a person becomes so solidly cemented in one position that he cannot get away from it anymore - where a choice becomes a compulsion -, his polarization turns into a trap, which is called a  Fixation .


 Polarization Example

Full awareness horizon spans both physical and spiritual parts of existence: a conscious and competent player in the games of life!

Collapsed awareness horizon, polarized toward the spiritual side - lost awareness of the physical part of existence (no grounding).

Collapsed awareness horizon, polarized toward the physical side - lost awareness of the spiritual part of existence (no spirituality).




 More Typical Polarization Examples: 


Worships the body


Neglects the body

Fixation on thoughts, ignores feelings


Fixation on feelings, cannot think

Lives in the past, no grip on present time


Lives in the future (daydreams), not present in the now

Fixation on self, exploits or harms others


Fixation on others, neglects himself

Power hungry - denies others their own choices


Depends on a leader - too weak to decide for himself

Helplessly pulled toward people, things or spaces


Helplessly repelled by people, things or spaces

Fixation on the outside, cannot reflect


Fixation on the inside, not aware of environment

Must be causative, cannot be at effect


Craves being at effect, cannot be causative


These examples appear to be very different, but the truth is that they all follow the same pattern: a spirit has lost his balance in an area so thoroughly that he can neither embrace the opposite of his extreme position anymore, nor any position between the extremes. He is like a kid whose swing suddenly got stuck at the highest point of one direction - can you imagine how scared that kid must be? This is the very opposite of a spirit's original "native state", where he was in complete and blissful equilibrium.




There are too many reasons for this process to list them here, but the end product is very clearly visible. In the widest sense we could say that this simply happens by entering the physical universe and living life, even though there are very many different forms of being polarized.  Often the person has entrenched himself in his extreme position. This is a situation so rigid that we must allow a person to stay there until he is saturated with this rigidity. Only when he finally wants out of the polarization/fixation do we have a chance to help.


We can indeed assume that at some point, the spiritual being will get moving again and find to a new state of equilibrium. How? Who knows? Maybe through some kind of magic, or through divine intervention? Or maybe by doing some processing? Let's talk it over, if you are in such a situation and have had enough of it.



 Fixation Processing:


Our approach to polarization and fixation is often  Character Clearing , which follows the polarity principle too, but depending on the situation we will also use  other tools from our repertoire.  What we are going for is a thorough look at the polarity until there is a renewed understanding of both sides, followed by exercises that establish the new flexible position in real life.


Fixation is one of the most dramatic ways how a life wheel can block and lets your whole existence screech to a halt. Call us when you notice that in a loved one or observe it in yourself - most certainly something can be done about it!




 Resolving Addictions


The addiction machinery mimics our life wheel system in a fatal microcosm. Its components are so tightly matted that addiction is really hard to come by. But real determination in all people involved can do the trick!

Addiction is a situation which potentially touches all of our life's wheels, or rather it is its own uncanny multiple-cogwheel machinery. Each of its wheels has the potential of tugging at our well synchronized life wheels and blocking them to a really serious degree.


We will use all our tools in resolving addictions. To narrow down general principles to a specific situation (which will be highly individual), we need to ask questions from all 8 corners of our Life Wheel Diagram. We start at the Body level and ask:


1. Is it a substance addiction?


Here we roughly distinguish between substances that would be a vital part of a balanced life if not derailed (food: guarantees survival from day to day; sex and love hormones: guarantee the future for the species) - or substances that hijack natural pleasure mechanisms by tickling brain receptors originally designed to register pleasure hormones released by the body (heroin, cocain, nicotine, alcohol...)


A substance that the body does not need for survival can simply be discontinued, which is painful but possible. In this case, we will have to work with the medical profession to organize a withdrawal program, and support that with processing. If the addiction is about food or sex, something that the body actually needs, it cannot be discontinued (client no longer overeating? yeah great, but she starved to death...), and balancing it is a much more tricky process. We will work out an individual program of processing, make an intelligent plan to bring about a better balance, and monitor its implementation.


In the case of overeating, this ties into the Life Skill of nutrition, so that a study program is necessary. Often the addiction is not about food in general, but specifically about sugar, chocolate, or a certain component of milk which can make for a dairy product addiction. In these cases, the withdrawal pain is relatively short. 3 days to stop a sugar/carbohydrate addiction - after that the re-training is much easier.


 2. What happened in the energy body?  


The energy body (see Spirit-Mind Interface) can have developed intense wants, even cravings for the sensations that the substance produces, which can go back into past lives. These energies with their embedded thoughts and decisions (located in the Mind) need to be erased with procedures from our Character Clearing toolbox.


 3. What happened to the Spirit?  


If we assume that a spiritual being is an offspring of God, then he has inherited an enormous creative potential from his divine parent. What happened to this creativity, the stream of inspirations wanting to be put into music, painting, writing, sculptures, landscaping, architecture - or simply into a creative way of living life - life as an art form? On their way into physical reality, how did his ideas get blocked so thoroughly that a God-like creator finally stopped creating, and now is hooked on some form of pleasure, which is very much an obsessive inflow, the opposite of the powerful outflow of creativity?


Who blocked his creativity? Lifetimes of defeat experiences, where at one point he decided that he will never be able to express his very unique personality? Dominating parents who trampled on every attempt at creating or even only communicating? A whole culture that is not compatible with the child's talents? The chances are high that we are looking at somebody whose creative urges have been strangled to death. Here we are in Character Clearing land, if we don't find a single trauma at the root of the condition.



The cultural mind (Morphic Field) pictured above is hostile to the child who is born into it. Spaces are opened into the wrong directions (red, magenta). On the other hand, he is given no space for his personal talents and interests, even in areas that would resonate with the cultural mind (yellow, green). Only one tiny connection to the culture is allowed (magenta). The child's most prominent features are massively opposed by the culture's energy field. This could be a family who wants all their children to become medical doctors, or a big cultural field which enforces a religion or a family form that is against the child's nature, forces a female scientific talent into a housewife's role, or forces a gentle young musician into a military career.

Many young people don't see any future in the time and location into which they are born. They may have authored a life screenplay, but they are not given a stage to produce their movie - to make it happen in physical reality. Creating such a movie stage - a place to live, a job, an income to open up a way into the future - either requires super-human efforts, or it is entirely impossible. This often ends in an early death by drugs that is preceded by a short life of gut-wrenching hardship.


The parents of such kids, their culture have forgotten everything about their spiritual nature and the principles of incarnation, they are living an animal existence where everybody competes for sheer physical survival, the kids are forced into old patterns rather than being given space for their own ideas, their God-given creativity. (Such an environment is not competent to bring up children, they need to be trained - or replaced!)



 4. Is a motoric habit involved?


Typical examples would be alcohol and cigarettes, where a chemical addiction is only part of the problem. A withdrawal procedure can remove the painful cravings in the body, but the habits of drinking with friends or lighting a cigarette in certain situations are hardwired into the small brain, the cerebellum (see Body-Skills Interface), and have to be deleted from the cerebellum by practicing "doing nothing" at such moments - or overwritten with another, less harmful habit: chewing a pencil, drinking water... NOT eat cookies, or we go right into the next harmful habit!


Personal sessions can reveal the decisions at the root of a drug addiction and dissolve essential patterns in the energy body, but they cannot replace the weeks or months of practice which are reqired for a changed motion pattern to re-write the small brain, the cerebellum.


 5. Is it a non-substance addiction?  


Addictions like shopping, gambling, TV or computer games have a different structure, even though the withdrawal process may look similar. But the spiritual, energy body, mind and cerebellum struggles can be intense enough even without any chemical withdrawal pains. Here we look at the Mind-Body area. The mind is flooded by panic messages from the body that essentials of life are missing or there is a serious threat present which cannot be handled. Not enough space - the human animal suffers from lack of territory - any mouse or fox has more territory than many people! Unbearable noise levels. Overcrowded conditions. No communication! No money! No sex! Nobody cares! Mobbing at work, political dangers, natural disasters...


A mind which is so overwhelmed with alarm signals that he cannot manage will finally ignore them all, turn inside and concentrate on the one input channel where there is pleasure - non-stop gameboy playing, watching TV soap operas all day, social networks, internet chats, shopping, gambling... The solution for this would be to upgrade essential life skills like training for a better job, so that the person can climb up the social ladder and afford better quality living. Yet the addiction sabotages the focus on this and steals the time from such job training. We are looking at a vicious circle that is very difficult to break out of.


 6. What happened in the Mind?  


Often the addiction started as a reaction to stress or a severe loss - death of a spouse or a child or another beloved person -, or a substance or habit is used as a substitute for something that is missing in life. Somewhere in the career or in a private relationship there is a deficit so serious that the pain has to be drowned by some really strong pleasure. The decision to use a harmful substance or habit as a source of pleasure can be deeply buried in layers of bitterness and desperate emotions that need to be cleared away carefully.



Gala dinner of world leaders. What are they drinking - water?

Another link to inspect is the connection to a culture that habitually engages in drug rituals and hypnotizes young people into joining in. After some years, these rituals have been hardwired into the small brain, the cerebellum, along with a strong chemical addiction. This combination makes it particularly impossible to stop, because the habit now appears to be "normal behaviour".


It is especially fatal where there are double standards like in our own culture: some drugs are criminalized, others are socially accepted all the way up into the highest political circles, the government even profits by putting taxes on them. Something like that is a logical paradox, which destroys a young person's capacity of logical thinking - as a consequence, his decision making capability in the area of drugs is compromised. Here too a form of Clearing is necessary, which has to do with linking into what we call a group mind, social mind, or Morphic Field (not covered in detail on this website - have a look at the corresponding page in the Life Lesson Processing site.)


The opposite can also happen:  Some teenager lives with dominating parents who furiously chastise him for his adventurous way of exploring life. They forbid crazy hairdos, they forbid going out with friends, they forbid girls, a beer - they forbid more or less everything. He revolts wherever he can, does the exact opposite of what they want him to do, tries cigarettes, tries hashish, heroin, blunders into alcohol excesses  - and gets entangled in a purely chemical addiction, a trap that he cannot escape anymore, especially when his friends have been caught in the same trap.


Such parents deny their kid the leadership that kids need: caring, but with patience and tolerance. The kid never has a chance to fathom the limits of the things he is curious about. He has nobody to talk about them, nobody who allows him his experiments, but pulls him back when he runs into a danger. The young spirit's Earth guides are not with him, they are against him - at a time where he is supposed to have guidance, he is on his own. He will need a lot of processing and coaching later in life, when he is standing on his own feet and can clean up his non-optimum early years.



He is losing money big time. The addiction is totally corrupting his financial management skill. Health and time management are the other two essential life skills which are destroyed by addictions.

 7. What about the corresponding Life Skills?  


The combination of thought routin es stored in the mind, energetic cravings stored in the energy body, chemical cravings generated by the body and motion routines stored in the cerebellum results in habitual activity patterns. Opening the bottle, lighting the cigarette, stuffing down the cake, swallowing the tablet, switching on the TV, the computer or the video console - these things are no longer looked upon and decided about in present time, they just "happen", or rather "have to happen". Sometimes they seriously erode essential life skills: health management, time management, financial management can be sabotaged not only a little, but sometimes to a critical degree. A life skill coach will have a hard time highlighting the loss of health, money or valuable working or family time in the perception of a person so conditioned to see such an perpetuous energy leak as "normal" - if the coach is allowed into the scene at all, since an addict will probably defend his addiction ferociously and keep everybody out of his life.


 8. How about Polarization/Fixation?  


If there is absolutely no causativeness left in the person and he is totally at effect of a drug or habit (rather than using the drug or habit as a recreational activity between bouts of productive action), we are looking at a very high level of polarization, and Fixation Processing may have an answer. But it is very likely that any processing is too ambitious an approach. It may work better to bring the person into an environment where he can take care of something (plants, animals), and slowly return to a more causative position.



 Book Recommendations:


Sandra Cabot:

Want to lose weight... but hooked on food? (Kindle E-Book)

Lance M. Dodes:

Breaking Addiction: A 7-Step Handbook for Ending Any Addiction



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